2nd Edition Changes

Throughout Added alt text to all images, made sure headings are ADA compliant for screen readers.  Corrected typographical and other errors.
Module 1 Added definition of feminism and expanded information on fourth wave feminism.
Module 2 Guidelines for Representative Participants
Module 3 Expanded information on transgender children and pubertal blockers and hormone treatment
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7 Information on the Respect for Marriage Act, 2022. Effect of the pandemic shutdown on divorce court proceedings.
Module 8 Updated news on pay equity for US women’s soccer team.
Module 9 Module 9 was split into two separate modules: Physical Health (9) & Mental Health (10).  Added information on the politicization of reproduction. Roe v. Wade and recent mid-term election results on abortion rights.
Module 10 Moved information on mental health to a separate module.  Information on abortion and mental health was added.
Module 11 Prior Module 10
Gender Timeline Added more recent Supreme Court Rulings
Resources Added this module based on information from another OER text by McRaney, K., Bridley, A., & Daffin, L.W. Jr. (2021). The psychology of gender (2nd ed.). Washington State University.
Glossary & References Updated and added in new references and glossary terms


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